Message from the Founders & Co-Chairs

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for giving us the opportunity to tell you about our work.

It is our honor to serve as founders and Co-Chairs for the USA AMEP Foundation.

While USA AMEP Foundation is a new organization, we have a five-year track record of working with Latina women by empowering them to become business owners and entrepreneurs, by helping them to take their professional activities and careers to the next level, by securing a safe space where women can network and forge indelible bonds, and by providing them with soft skills that are a valuable addition to their personal and professional lives. We have carried out this work through our sister organization AMEP USA and its different chapters in Texas.
We are instituted on the vision to advance positive change in our community.

From the beginning, several principles have guided our work and continue to shape how we work today: we see ourselves as an agent of change through leadership, collaboration and advocacy, and we are committed to excellence, servant leadership and to building partnerships to promote innovative solutions.

We are guided by values of philanthropy and mentorship, making a positive difference in other women’s lives and nondiscrimination to strengthen the communities we serve and in the guiding principle to leave our community a better place than it is now.

USA AMEP Foundation is also committed to securing funds for programs that enable underprivileged and underserved minority women and their families, especially those who are survivors of domestic violence, to become economically secure.

We invite you to sign up to receive our news so we can keep you up to date on our progress.

We want to invite you to join us and play a part in supporting underprivileged and underserved minority women in being a part of the solution to help, inspire, empower and support the path to success of these women and their families. We believe that women are the core driving force of their communities. But they need to be free from violence and free from the fear of violence, economically independent and empowered.  Donate today.

Whether you are a coach, a trainer or a generous donor; your belief in the power of women to change the world will have a positive impact in their lives.

Irene A. Keegan


Claudia S. Herrmann


San Antonio Office | 12903 Country Crk | San Antonio | TX 78216

DFW Office | 6010 W Spring Creek Pkwy. | Plano | TX 75024

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