Connecting Women

AMEP Connects Women
Gov Abbott Feb 2017
Conversatorio Mujeres Emprendedoras (52)
Conversatorio Mujeres Emprendedoras (77)
Desayuno 04-11-18.2
With Consul Gral of MX in Sn Antonio
Interview Consul General Honduras
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AMEP Fort Worth
Circle of Women
Big Hug
Revista AMEP Launch (25)
Revista AMEP Launch (12)
Coffee with the Consul SAT
Mujer de Exito

Monthly Networking Meetings

Networking is an essential component of getting our business known and promoting our personal brand. It's where we establish valuable connections, explore our commonalities, bond with each other, create friendships and do business with each other.

All AMEP USA's Chapters organize monthly luncheons, breakfasts and evening networkers, as well as business mixers to benefit our community of women.

Business Mixers


Our business mixers are specifically designed to showcase our growing community of women business owners and entrepreneurs. We gather to meet our friends, acquaintances and new people; we eat and drink while we relax and enjoy in a friendly and safe setting; we support a business or a cause; we share ideas, knowledge, and we find our common purpose. Have new businesses started from this? Have people made new clients and reconnected with existing clients? Have people found valuable employees or people in transition found a job? Have new friendships been forged Yes, of course.



Radio AMEP


Since 2012 AMEP USA has served women in Texas with our weekly radio show, aired on

Listen to our podcasts here:


mujerUSA Magazine by AMEP USA

mujerUSA Magazine was launched in October 2016 to provide women with insightful information about topics that matter to women: health, business, nutrition, traveling, entertainment, personal growth, inspiration and much more.


Read the newest edition of our magazine