How AMEP USA Serves our Community



It is our conviction that the path to financial independence, prosperity and personal self-fulfillment is business ownership.


We serve as a platform for small business owners

to connect them with potential clients.


We have organized three Women's Entrepreneurship

Forums where we provide an overview of what it takes

to create a new business and motivate minority women

to become entrepreneurs and business owners.


To support our growing community of small women business owners by providing them with venues to sell their products and services and to gain exposure, we organize Fashion Shows, Women's Expos and Bazaars, with proceeds distributed to other charitable organizations working with the Latina women community.



We firmly believe that knowledge                                         paves the path to success. Since AMEP USA's inception in 2012, we                                                 conduct ongoing seminars, courses, workshops where we provide soft                                        skills training, and in 2016 we organized the first Women's Education Forum,                                     connecting Latina women with education options in the Dallas public college                                      system and universities, also exploring the careers of the future, which are those that offer the best employment and wage options: careers in STEM areas and in the health care sector. 



                                                 Establishing valuable connections is a must for a business. We offer

                                                 a safe and welcoming environment for our women business owners,

                                                 for those who wish to create a business and for professional women

                                                 and women employees to network, get to know each other, build

                                                 trust and friendship and do business with each other.



We organize monthly breakfasts, luncheons, dinner networking meetings, business mixers and social hours.



While women embrace the culture of Texas and the United States as new Americans, a connection to their cultural heritage nurtures their spirit and links them to their roots. We organize concerts, as well as our signature cultural event where we showcase the best of Mayan culture, gastronomy and theater.

Education for Success

AMEP USA's educational and seminars, courses, workshops, as well as our novel "Coffee with the Consul" series offers women unique access to valuable information and life skills.

Creating Women-Owned Businesses

Our Women's Entrepreneurship Forums, other business-oriented events and partnerships promote the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Connecting Women

We are firm believers in the power of networking and the positive results it delivers. Not only do women acquire new clients, they also form lasting friendships.

Linking Women to their Cultural Heritage

Connecting our community to its cultural heritage is an important stepping stone for gaining  awareness about our origins and historical perspective.